Using backup Exec 12 SP5 - Configuring jobs.

I have a 2003 server with backup exec installed and a external tape drive.

I'm looking to configure a backup job to the local disk on the server then to a tape once a week.

Can someone please provide a walkthrough as to what is required? For one, do I create a backup to disk folder for the local disk backup?

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amarpal0102Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Backup Exec protects media from being overwritten with the Overwrite Protection Period. so you can create different media sets with different settings to protect overwritten backup and those media sets you can assign to different backup jobs


Media set with 5 day Overwrite Protection for weekly backup and another Media set with 30 day Overwrite Protection for monthly backup
amarpal0102Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to configure bacukup to disk folder first.

Tools --> configure devices --> New backup to disk folder

select name , path etc

then you will be able to run backup to that folder

once you have backup in that folder then schedule another backup from that folder to tape
Kimba123Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply - very helpful.

What is a 'media set' within BE and how would I use them?
Kimba123Author Commented:
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