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need help with excel function! trying to create seating chart

hello all looking to create a seating chart for a meeting we have coming up
basically i have all the users names in row B of my excel sheet. their table number for the meeting is in row I
there are 10 users to a table
in another sheet i want to be able to list the users under their appropriate table number
across the 1st row of the sheet (the top row) i have the table numbers, and below each table number i want to list all the users that are going to be seated at that table
is there a function i can use (i was thinking, vlookup or index) that would allow me to list the users under their appropriate table number, based on the value that is in row I from the sheet?
1 Solution
This Visual Basic routine will do the trick; it creates the seating chart in a new worksheet:
Sub MakeTables()
Dim fromRow As Long
Dim fromSheet As Worksheet
Dim nTables As Integer
Dim toRow() As Long
Dim toSheet As Worksheet
Dim theTable As Long

    Set fromSheet = ActiveSheet
    Sheets.Add After:=Sheets(Sheets.Count)
    Set toSheet = ActiveSheet
    fromRow = 2
    nTables = 0
    Do While Not IsEmpty(fromSheet.Cells(fromRow, 2).Value)
        If nTables < fromSheet.Cells(fromRow, 9).Value Then
            nTables = fromSheet.Cells(fromRow, 9).Value
        End If
        fromRow = fromRow + 1
    ReDim toRow(nTables)
    fromRow = 2
    Do While Not IsEmpty(fromSheet.Cells(fromRow, 2).Value)
        theTable = fromSheet.Cells(fromRow, 9).Value
        If toRow(theTable) = 0 Then
            toSheet.Cells(1, theTable).Value = "Table " & theTable
            toRow(theTable) = 2
        End If
        toSheet.Cells(toRow(theTable), theTable) = fromSheet.Cells(fromRow, 2).Value
        toRow(theTable) = toRow(theTable) + 1
        fromRow = fromRow + 1
End Sub

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Ingeborg Hawighorst (Microsoft MVP / EE MVE)Microsoft MVP ExcelCommented:

a lookup or index will be tricky because the table numbers are not unique values. You CAN use a lookup if you use a helper column. For example in column J enter this formula into cell J2


Copy down all rows.

Then you can use a formula on the next sheet, where the table numbers are in row 1


Or, without a helper column, you could simply use a pivot table to crunch the data. See attached for both scenarios at work.

cheers, teylyn

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