ACT! 2011 and Outlook 2010

I had installed ACT! 2011 on my main system running Windows 7 Professional and it also has Office 2010 on it.  After I did that, Outlook would freeze up two or three times a day; sometimes more.  I would have to kill the Outlook program; it would restart and be fine for awhile until the next time it would lock up.  I have rebuilt / compacted my Email but still same issue - I took ACT! off, problem disappeared.  I put it back on since I wanted to use it and the problem returned.  ACT! says it is up to date but dont understand why this is causing it to lock up - any suggestions?
Daren Anderson, MSISPresidentAsked:
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Mike LazarusConnect With a Mentor Act! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
You should first update to Service Pack 1

Then Hotfix 6 for SP1:

Note: If multi-user, This needs to be done on ALL systems sharing the database (LAN or sync)
Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
What is the exact build of ACT! from help | about?
Daren Anderson, MSISPresidentAuthor Commented:
Sage ACT! Pro 2011 Version 13.0.401.0, Hot Fix 2
Hi CFProcessMgr

Do you use the Outlook Integration with ACT? If not it can be disabled by going to File-> Options-> Addins->Manage COM Add-Ins- from the bottom of the dialogue> Go. Untick ACT Outlook Addin

If you do, usually its Not ACT! that causes the crashes but merley a conflict with another Add-in. If you go to File-> Options-> Addins->Manage COM Add-Ins- from the bottom of the dialogue> Go. Untick other addins such as Anti-virus addins etc that are running on there. Restart Outlook and Test to rule out any Addin Conflict.

You could also try configuring your firewall and any antivirus as per KB:

Some times the necessary files  needed to run ACT! are being blocked.

Let us know how you get on.
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