Environment variables for all the users

Can I push the Environment Variables to all the users?  Are they per user profile or once you set on computer its set for every user?
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No Problem, you can do this via GPO.

I'm sorry, the exact Names may be a bit different, but since I'm not using the english Version of Windows Server I have to translate for myself.

Start -> Administrative Tools -> GPO Management -> Right-Click the Targeted OU -> Create GPO Object here and link it -> Type a Name -> Right-Click the GPO -> Edit -> Computer- / User-configuration -> Settings -> Windows-Settings -> Environment -> New -> Environment-Variable.

Whether this is a User-EV or a System-EV depends on your Choice: Computerconfiguration -> System-EV, Userconfiguration -> User-EV

I hope this helps!
Krzysztof PytkoSenior Active Directory EngineerCommented:
Or if you have at least one Windows7/Windows Server 2008R2 you can use for that Group Policy Preferences (GPP) which is much more convenient in use :)

to be able to apply GPP to Windows XP/Server 2003 you need to install Client Side Extension (CSE) first, using separate download or push an update over WSUS.

CSE for XP can be downloaded from

CSE for 2003 can be downloaded from

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