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Hello, hope everyone is well,

    I'm having a problem with outlook to where the manual archive won't work.  I'm saving it to a local user folder to which the logged on user has full admin rights.  When I click ok for it to start it shows a green status bar at the bottom, and opens the usual archive group on the left hand side.  But then 5 to 10 seconds later, it stops and doesn't do anything.  Currently the user is connecting to their AOL account across IMAP.  The only odd thing is that when AOL tries to synchronize and download all the emails and folders, it errors out with "The server wants to alert you to the following: 2027 the message could not be retrieved"  or something like that.  I've read online that its a corrupted message somewhere on AOL's servers.  However in order to clean them out and find the corrupted one I have to archive the emails first, since this particular user has around 37500 emails, it would prove quite impossible to move them all before archiving alot of them.  Any help is greatly appreciated, or suggestions as to other ways to go.  Thanks a lot.

EDIT:  The actual error message is "Your IMAP server wants to alert you to the following:  That mail is not currently available"
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Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Why not try to use the Outlook Import-Export option and try to move the data to a PST and then remove from Outlook once you have a copy of all the data into PST :)

- Rancy
Here is one such solution you're going to come across on internet:

Using Import-Export with IMAP - huh? How can you export something that is on the server using OL? Confused !!!!! What you could mean is to remove copy emails from your IMAP OL profile to PST - I wouldn't recommend that.

I'm afraid what you have to check the emails, is the method prescribed in the link attached.

What i would do is to create another folder under INBOX, and start moving around folders /emails into it - wait till the corrupted folder/email STOPS your movement. Delete that using some other client and you're good to go.

ctagleAuthor Commented:
Turns out all the issues were being cause by crappy AOL, including this one.  Upon further investigation I realized that every time Outlook would communicate with AOL to download emails using IMAP it would corrupt the pst file, no matter how many new profiles I created and no matter how many times I scanned and repaired the pst file.  After spending five days dealing with their support, I've managed to get it to a semi-acceptable state, still having issues with it though, but at this point, I'm at the mercy of America Off Line.

Thank you all for the answers though.
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