version of SQL and SSRS- is there any conflict or co-relation?

I did a standalone SSRS install.I chose default instance..  then i applied SP4 on this.

The DB engine was already in this machine with SP4..

ReportServer and ReportServerTempDB databases were configured from the tool..

 The db version is t.0.8.54 in the config tool but i am told to expect c.0.8.54. (the default report server url does not work)
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sachitjainConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Frankly speaking, I have not tried installing different versions of SQL 2005 and SSRS on same server. But as you shared in following link, if you got Database Edition and Database Version verified under Database Setup tab then ideally it should not be an issue.
Have you followed up this link to configure the URL correctly
25112Author Commented:
Yes, i have- basically i chose the default options throughout...

like in the picture below.. every green light is on

except initialization..

only thing is that the DB version is not right.
I don't understand the last line in that post

"Turned out that the reason the version is different is because of the database name was tied to the ReportServerTempDB instead of ReportServer."

Where are they talking about?
Access Reporting Services Configuration Manager through your START->Programs-MS SQL Server->Configuration Tools and once the Reporting Services Configuration Manager window opens, you would find different tabs for different settings. There one tab is for Database where you could view/edit Database mapped with your ReportingServices.
25112Author Commented:
if sql engine is sql 2005 sp4 and ssrs is rtm or sp1/2 is that a concern?
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