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Im looking at omnirpage to scan in forms an use them. I was wondering if this is a recommended software system or is there something better?  The user will be using windows 7 64 bit with 8 gigs of ram. Please post links to products an or reviews.  Thank you?

Use will be:
I wanna be able to scan in a form. Then fill the form out on computer. Then I wanna be able to print the filled out form..
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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEConnect With a Mentor DeveloperCommented:
Hi TechyT,

Me again. :)

I've been using OmniPage through many versions and for many years, including the latest-and-greatest Version 18 Professional:

It is a very well regarded program for OCR. Another excellent program for OCR is ABBYY FineReader:

Here are links to feature comparison charts:


Both are good choices for a small business. I use both and can say that both are very accurate, but I can't say that one is always better than the other. I've tested them on the same documents, and sometimes one is better, sometimes the other is, but for the most part, the accuracy is similar - both very good! They both can make searchable PDF files (i.e., a PDF file with both the scanned image and a layer of text created by the OCR process).

Another idea is Nuance's PaperPort product, which is not a dedicated OCR package, but can perform OCR via Nuance's OmniPage, which is included "under the covers" (the OmniPage OCR engine is built into PaperPort):

PaperPort is a robust scanning/imaging package that does a lot more than just OCR (but for pure OCR, is not as robust as OmniPage and FineReader). I use PaperPort extensively (more than OmniPage and FineReader combined) to create PDF Searchable Image files. It can also scan directly to CSV, DOC, XLS, and many other file types. In addition, since you're interested in forms, note this item in the PaperPort Features section:

Fill out forms quickly, neatly
PaperPort’s FormTyper feature accurately and automatically converts scanned paper forms into professional-looking electronic forms you can fill out online, save as PDF documents, and send via email. It automatically recognizes check boxes and lets you control detailed form attributes. And transparent stamps are ideal for adding scanned signatures.
Unless you have extreme OCR or Forms requirements, I recommend PaperPort. Its OCR capabilities (via the built-in OmniPage) and Forms capabilities (via the built-in FormTyper) will likely be adequate.

All of that said, if forms are your primary interest, then you should also take a look at Nuance's PDF Converter Professional:

It also contains FormTyper, and has more forms capabilities than PaperPort. Regards, Joe
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