Server 2008 Trusted Document Folders Using a GPO

I have several microsoft documents which have visual basic code with them and are created by the same company with their cert attached to them.  All documents are stored in the same location on our Svr 2008 box and are accessed by many users in my domain.  Because the documents have vb code in them it requires that I enable macro's for each document.  I'm looking for a way to trust all of these documents across my entire domain for every user. I've heard you can trust a " Location " in GPO but haven't figure out how.  These documents are opened with both office 2003, 2007 and 2010 ......

Thanks a million for any help you can give ...
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Visio_GuyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Maybe you can do it from the client. In Visio or Word 2010, for example:

- Go to: File > Options > Trust Center
- Trust Center Settings...
- Add new location...
- Use the Browse button to add a location on the server

I don't know if pointing to a server will behave the same as it does on your local machine, but it's worth a try!
jtbrown1111Author Commented:
@ Visio_Guy,

Thanks for the suggestion,  although a great one I'm looking for the ability to add the trusted location across my entire domain in one swoop as doing this on 100+ workstations takes a fair amont of time .....  

Thank you Sir ....

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