UPtime for particular VPN in Juniper SSG520


I have a Juniper SSG520 box and many site-to-site VPNs configured in it. what is the command to check the uptime of one particular VPN in this device.

Like in ASA i use this command to get it
sh  vpn-sessiondb l2l filter name

is there a similar command for SSG520.
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lesliem-saConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure if it will give you the tunnel uptime (it gets rekeyed avery 3600s or whatever sa lifetime you have set), but to get tunnel details, you can type:
"get vpn <vpn name> detail"
If you are looking at monitoring uptime over a vpn, you could always set up a monitoring server (zabbix etc) on your lan, and monitor a remote host on each remote subnet.

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