Exchange Mailbox - Close with bounce back message


At the moment we're using MS Exchange 2007 / Outlook client 2010

We wish to add a specific message as a bounce back to a mailbox when its removed
I.e - "This user no longer works here etc etc"

Does anyone know if this is possible?
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Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
If you disable mailbox it will send NDR for external recipients you can try to work with Transport rule but not sure of internal :(

Getting to Know Transport Rules in Exchange 2007

How to use Transport Rules in Exchange Server 2007

- Rancy
Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
You can create a Server rule using Outlook

Go to his OL - tools - Rules and Alerts

Click New Rules - Select Start from a blank rule - check messages when they arrive - click on Next - select "with specific words in message header" - select the highlight option for "specific word" and type his "CompanyA.Ltd" email address - click Next - Select "have server reply using a specific message - OL will open a new composed message for you - paste the OOO from Notepad to this message ALONG WITH SUBJECT Reffered as Out of Office - click Finish - DO NOT SELECT FOR MESSAGES IN INBOX option.

Once done, server would send OOO only for the email address you want to -  AND best part OL doesn't need to be online for this AND no email is rejected - all of them gets delivered to his mailbox;)

It is purely automated

- Rancy
wiltonphAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the reply, not sure if that's applicable here or if I explained myself correctly.
We want to disable his mailbox from exchange, so emails wont come into his inbox anymore - but rather than people sending him emails and getting a not delivered bounce back, we want to have a custom message "user no longer works here etc"

Check first you have an Exchange account in the active Outlook profile.
To check these please follow:-

1. Open Outlook 2010
2. Click on File ->Account Settings -> Account Settings, In the Account Settings dialog box, you may view all the different email accounts that you have setup in the active Outlook profile.
4. on Type option , check whether you have any of the “Microsoft Exchange” type.
5. Select “Close” to close the “Account Settings” dialog box.

    1.  Make sure that you have a folder in the Exchange account’s message store selected.
    2.  Choose File option then select the Info option from menu.
    3.  Choose Automatic Replies (Out of Office).
    4.  In Automatic Replies a dialog box will open, choose "Send Automatic Replies" check box.
    5.  If you want to specify a set time and date range, select the Only send during this time range check box. Then set the Start time, and then set the End time.
    6.  In the Inside my organization option, type the message that you want to send within your organization, and in the Outside my organization tab, type the message that you want to send outside your organization.
    Click OK.
    7. If you selected the “Only send during this time range” option in step 4, the Automatic Replies (Out of Office) feature will continue to run until the date and time set for the End Time in step 5 is reached.
    8. Otherwise, the Automatic Replies (Out of Office) will continue to run until you repeat step 1 and select the “Do not send automatic replies” option.
wiltonphAuthor Commented:

Looking at it, this looks like the solution

However I don't have time to check atm, but will do and award points, thanks for the replies.
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