XenApp/Desktop infrastructure

Can anyone provide a very low tech management freindly breakdown of each element/piece that makes up a merged xenapp/desktop environment, with just some basics on the role it plays, and what exactly it does for users?
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I'm explaining using the most common platform or approach used in many organization

Active directory: Both XenApp and XenDesktop users can authenticate using it

Storage - SAN/ any type of storage to save database, build images, data etc

XenDesktop components:

DDC - Desktop delivery controller which gets the request for the desktops from the users devices and checks for the available VMs, if user is a valid user etc and finally send the desktop details to the client device, so users can connect using it. It acts as a broker and performs various tasks.

Hypervisor - Is a type 1, baremetal. So Hypervisor will be directly installed on it. Xenserver or Hyper-V or Vmware ESX can be used as hypervisor. XenDesktop VDI will require this hypervisor to create VDIs

VDA- virtual desktop agent, it will be installed on the vdi like win xp and win 7. DDC talks to vdi using this vda agent. During intial configuration, using vda, it registeres it's information with DDC.

Xenapp Components:

XML broker servers- Similar to DDC, as it gets requests to WI, and talks to the xenapp servers in the environment, gets the lease busy server details and send those details in form of ICA. User will use it to connect to an application in that server.

Data collector - talks to others members in a farm and gets the lease busy server details and sends it to the user.

Zones- If u have many geographical zones, then accordingly you can place those servers in each zone

Xenapp server- xenapp software is installed, application will be installed on this server.

Farm- collections of servers/apps etc.

Appcenter- management console to control/manage farm

Common components for both xenapp/xendesktop

Provisioning server- Using this you can stream an image to xenapp servers or win 7 or win xp or any servers.

Web interface- Interface for users to access published apps/desktops

Netscaler access gateway- Provides security, used as load-balancer, firewall, accelerator etc.

Datastore- stores all static information.
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