Buttons on form not showing complete data

Hi Wise Ones...
I've attached a database and I'm having the following problems with it...
The user wants the following ((View all locations painted) to have a list of locations down the left and then for the users to just click on a location/month (it'll change colour when done - thanks for the help on that one :-) ) so that they have an overview of the entire painting occurrence.
Then I have set up a form (View History) which should show the individual history for each location - but it's not. E.g. if you click on View History for Admissions it should show July and January painted (or even ticked) but it's not...what am I missing?
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Sorry but I couldn't figure out why your continuous form only showed a single record so I just recreated it for you.  Chances are that the other one was corrupted in some way.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Do you have one question here or two?
(This site allows only one distinct question per post)
I can't see how the "Color" question is related to the "View History" question...?

When posting a sample database, pleas post the exact steps to replicate the issue.

Finally I am not sure what your are needing here:
 <so that they have an overview of the entire painting occurrence. >
so also try to post some type of graphic, clearly indicating the exact results you are looking for.


agwalshAuthor Commented:
My apologies...Let me tackle the question I want answered first..

I want to sort out the View History one - I can't figure out why when I click on the View history button it doesn't actually give the history i.e. boxes ticked. That's the main question I want help with. I can sort out the colour thing myself (thanks to help here).

Click on button - View all locations painted.
Scroll to right
Click on View history button
(I've used Admissions as the sample data)
That brings the user to the individual form OK but doesn't show that there were two boxes ticked i.e. May and March...
That's what I'm trying to figure out...

agwalshAuthor Commented:
@irog sinta - this worked...thank you. However another question has now arisen from this. when I click on the View History it works fine but my combobox no longer works. It'll work to locate a record if I go straight into View/Edit history of individual locations from the switchboard  but if I go to the View/Edit history of individual locations - via the Show History button it no longer works - any ideas?
agwalshAuthor Commented:
Did exactly what I wanted - thank you :-)
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