Sapphire Vid-2X Display Adapter Displayport or DVI?

I'd like to setup dual 22" monitors with a Dell Latitude E6500. It has a docking station complete with 2 DVI and 2 Displayport connnections. I've found 2 Sapphire video adapters at Newegg which might complete this new setup. My question concerns the use of Displayport vs DVI. The first Sapphire unit converts Diplayport -IN- to dual DVI -OUT-, while the second unit split single DVI -IN- to dual DVI -OUT-. I've read that Displayport is technically better because it offers higher bit color than DVI. So doesn't reducing it down to 2 DVI (of lesser bit quality) defeat the purpose of Displayport?

I do software and database work. I never game or watch movies on this development laptop. Just need more desktop space and need maximum screen resolution.

Q. Which is better: splitting a Displayport to dual DVI or splitting DVI to dual DVI?

SAPPHIRE Vid-2X DVI-to-Dual DVI Display Expander Model 4L000-01-40G

SAPPHIRE Vid-2X Display Expander DisplayPort to Dual DVI Model 4L000-02-40G
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The two units you listed have different purposes.  The DVI Expander just clones the input; it is not possible to take a single DVI input and make two independent DVI outputs.  The DisplayPort to DVI Expander takes a single DisplayPort input and produces two independent DVI outputs, but they are each limited to full HD resolution (1920x1080).  Which one you want depends on whether you want two cloned displays or two independent displays.
pointemanAuthor Commented:
Then it seems the DVI Expander is just a very expensive 'Y' splitter...
No, splitters can be iffy, because they halve the voltage between the two, possibly resulting in bad image quality.  A powered video distribution amp maintains the voltage across both outputs, which is what this is.
pointemanAuthor Commented:
pointemanAuthor Commented:
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