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I have just upgraded several of our users to Office 2010 from Office 2007. There are a few who are having trouble with Outlook. They can't send or receive email from their desktops. It still works in OWA. I can send them an email and OWA will receive it, but Outlook will not. Also when they close out of Outlook they get an error message that says: This file is in use by another application or user.(NormalEmail.dotm)
then it asks if you want to save it. I normally hit yes because that gets rid of the message faster.
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dmainternAuthor Commented:
Still working on this issue, I apologize for it taking so long. I'm waiting for feed back from the user.
dmainternAuthor Commented:
Okay, I found out the problem with Outlook crashing. They were using a PDF converter called Nuance. The Outlook plugin was causing it to crash. I still don't know about the "NormalEmail.dotm" problem when they close Outlook. Any ideas on that or should I open a new question for that, I don't think they were related.

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dmainternAuthor Commented:
The solution ended up being removing the Nuance PDF converter from their Outlook.
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