Hiding a command window

We have a command a program that launches via .bat file, we keep the command window up to run a clean up process after it is closed.

Is there any way to hide the command window while the app is being used? so that the users do not close it?
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You could also accomplish the same thing with a single VBScript file.

Here is an example:
Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
objShell.Run "cmd", 0

Open in new window

This example opens a command prompt (cmd.exe) in a hidden window.  Just copy the code into a text file and replace "cmd" with whatever you are wanting to run and then save it as a .vbs file and run it.
Check this post.  3 posts down.  It takes 3 batch files to accomplish this:

Alternatively this option will not hide it but minimize it.

Right now wherever you are starting your bat file you will want to precede it with

start /min <your-batch-script.bat>

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