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machines on networking receiving duplicate ip's

I wanted to know if anyone has seen this issue before and can offer any insight into the subject:

I have about three machines that are presently picking up duplicate ip's.  None are related in anyway with the exception that they have the same issue.  I attempted the following:

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew  -- did not work because they received the same ip that was given before.

All machines are counting on DHCP to allocate the ip's.  There are plenty of ip's available that are unused.  

The only was I was able to resolve this problem was to manually enter ip's that were not taken but I do not want to keep doing this in the first place.  Lastly, we are working within a Cisco environment and we do not really have much access to the switches, so we are pretty much working blindly in this arena.  This is also within a Windows XP environment.

Your thoughts?
1 Solution
What is handing out the DHCP addresses?  A Windows/Linux server or your router?

If it's a Windows/Linux server, you can try doing a reservation.  

Do an ipconfig /all and get the MAC address for one of the machines.  Do a reservation on the DHCP server and assign it a particular IP Address.  Do the Ipconfig /release /renew and verify that you're getting the reserved IP Address.

It sounds like you've got a rogue DHCP server out there.  Doing the reservation will make sure that you're connecting to the correct DHCP server.
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