Security Notice using Access 2007 Runtime, while opening an Access 2003 db.

Security Warning Access 2007 RT while opening Access 2003 DB
I have a customer who is trying to launch a 2003 app, across a network using Access 2007 RT. He receives the attched message. He has many DB's like this and they all open with the error. Anyway to remove it?
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It's not an error.  It's the way A2007/A2010 behave.
You have to set up trusted locations and place your database in such a location.

Setting up trusted locations is more difficult using the A2007 runtime.

Here's a lnk to possible soultion..
askolitsAuthor Commented:
Oops, I mispoke. I agree, not an error. I passed the info on to my customer. I'll let you know.


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