Multilevel list with numbers and letters

I don't know if this is possible, but have a client who needs to create a multi-level numbering scheme in a PowerPoint master template. The issue is he needs the first level to be a roman numeral one then second level the letter a and so on. I know how to do the master slide part and the mutli-level, but not with roman numerals and letters. Is that possible?
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Create a slide layout and apply the Roman numeral on the first level, the letter on the second, whatever you need on the third, and so on.

Here's an example image.

To apply these, switch to View | Slide Master. Choose the Title and Content layout and press CTRL+D to duplicate it. Select the duplicate and then do the following:

Click on the first level of text and then on the Home Tab, click the small arrow next to the Numbering icon. Click the Roman numerals there. Repeat for the other levels, selecting the appropriate "numbers" (or letters) as necessary.

You may want to adjust the indents. You can do this using the Ruler. Turn on the Ruler on the View tab, then drag the upward-pointing indent chevron-arrow thing that appears on the ruler. Do this for each level of text to adjust the space between the number and the text.

By the way, you don't *have* to duplicate the Title and Content layout -- you can just apply the numbers to it if you want. I suspect that most folks would prefer to have the option for the numbers, though, and not be forced into them, so in that case having two different layouts -- one for regular bulleted text and another for outlined numbers -- makes sense. You can right-click the layout and choose Rename to name it Outline or Numbered Bullets or something appropriate.
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SDTSSAuthor Commented:
You are so awesome! Thank you!!!
Glad it helped.
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