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I appreciate that once an assembly is registered that you can so something like

EXEC ClrSpEmployeeByShift @shiftID=1

Where shiftID is an expected parameter but what if I want to use a class as an object ie set numerous properties then call a function or sub
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CodeCruiserConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can then probably exchange a datatable.

Following example is from .NET to SQL but other way round should be similar

I think to be able to exchange objects as parameters, you need to declare that as a user defined data type in SQL Server and then you can use it.

rocky050371Author Commented:
Essentially it could be n number of name value pairs, then once they have all been passed I want to call a function based on the collection of values
rocky050371Author Commented:
In OLE you can simply create an use an object, I wonder if a paramarray is possible?
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