1 Physical server w sbs2011 - need to install SQL server

We have a physical server with SBS 2011 Standard PAO preinstalled - and we need to use SQL for a 3rd party shop software.
Can I install Hyper-v into SBS2011 and then 2008 with SQL Server in a virtual environment?
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Unfortunately no. The hyper-v role is not supported on SBS and it does break several features. You want to install hyper-v on the physical server and then run SBS as one VM and your second server as a second VM.

since you already have SBS installed, you will want to to  physical to virtual (P2V) conversion on a temp machine so you can get to a supported configuration. Several products can help you do this such as SCVMM, StorageCfaft ShadowProtect, or Acronis, among others.
Svet PaperovIT ManagerCommented:
You will have to verify that it is in respect with the licence of SBS. I’ve never used SBS but I read some EE-expert opinion that this is not allowed by the SBS licence.

If you are OK with that licence, you will have to purchase a new licence for Windows Server 2008 too.

Besides that, if you have the Hyper-V as role to be added to the SBS and your server supports hardware virtualization (all recent servers should support it) that yes, you could do it.
wallsjkAuthor Commented:
what about bypassing the vm scenario altogether and installing sql 2008 R2on the sbs2011 DC as is?
Cliff GaliherCommented:
you can, but you'll fight memory issues. Exchange wants memory. The monitoring database wants memory. Adding SQL,which wants memory, causes more contention. You'll take a significant performance hit. I personally would never do it, but technically it will work.
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