Changing MX to forward to Barracuda Email Security Service Explanation

Hi All,

My company recently purchased Barracuda Spam and Email Security Service (Cloud service for cloud mail users)

My company asked me exactly how this works, All we were told was to update our MX address which we did.

I explained when we send mail... Our email gets sent to our email server like normal but with the updated mx record then our outgoing emails will be forwarded through the Barracuda network then sent to the recipient ... (or is the mail sent to the barracuda networks then sent back to our mail server then resent out? )

For incoming mail the mail is received at our server but then forwarded to Barracuda and then sent from Barracuda to our  incoming mail server

That is how it works correct? I just want to make sure I explain it correctly.

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Brad BouchardConnect With a Mentor Information Systems Security OfficerCommented:
meshoxford, you are partially correct.  As pony10us stated above, changing your MX records essentially changes where mail is delivered.  MX records tell the rest of the Internet that when email is sent to your domain it goes to the address (IP) located in your MX records.  Changing them to Barracuda's MX records sends all incoming email to their network/servers, it's processed and checked for spam/threats/malware/etc. and then either sent, cleaned and sent, or permanently deleted/quarantined based on how clean it is to your servers.

When you send email the Barracuda Service/Device (depending on what you have setup) just checks to make sure that it' clean, but it still get's sent through your Exchange servers Send Connector.

Hope that helps.
pony10usConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Since you changed your MX record it sounds like your incoming email now goes to the Barracuda service first and then is sent to your server and outgoing goes from your server to the Barracuda service and then out to the world. We recently looked at several options and Barracuda was one of them. I believe that is the way their service works.

Others like Sophos do not require your MX record be changed as it uses the journaling feature of your server. Your email arrives/departs on your server but the journalins function also sends a copy of all email to the service.
meshoxfordAuthor Commented:
Both Excellent answers! So basically changing our MX bypasses out incoming and outgoing IP... and is sent to BN

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