Cisco 1841 and HWIC-4ESW

I have an 1841 router with an HWIC-4ESW card in it.  I can plug devices into the HWIC and I see the port is up/up.  When I try to ping the router Fas0/0 IP from one of the HWIC connected PCs, I cannot ping.

I see no other errors on the card, what am I missing?

All ports are up/up, PC can ping fine if I plug into Fas0/1 instead of Fas0/0/1 (HWIC).

Router works fine otherwise, just cannot seem to get the ports on the HWIC to physically connect to the router Fas0/0 port.

Also, I see the attached PC MAC in my mac-address-table.

No special config, just basically did a no shutdown on the HWIC interfaces.
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Matt VAsked:
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The connection isn't 'implicit'.  Rather, its 'configurable'.  By default the esw switch is effectively standalone.  But as I said before, if you configure a 'vlan interface', you will be able to route traffic from the onboard interfaces, to the hwic and vice versa.

Quick sample config:

int fa0/0
 description WAN
 ip address
 no shut
int fa0/1
 description UNUSED
 no ip address
int vlan 1
 description LAN
 ip address
 no shut

Open in new window

By default all the esw ports are also in vlan 1, so configure your workstations with addresses in 192.168.1.x range, set their gateway as  Plug them into the esw, and you should be able to ping

Hopefully that helps you make sense of it.
Robert Sutton JrSenior Network ManagerCommented:
Some info on ths card from
Cisco EtherSwitch HWICs are 10/100BaseT Layer 2 Ethernet switches with Layer 3 routing capability. (Layer 3 routing is forwarded to the host, and is not actually performed at the switch.). Traffic between different VLANs on a switch is routed through the router platform. Any one port on a Cisco EtherSwitch HWIC may be configured as a stacking port to link to another Cisco EtherSwitch HWIC or EtherSwitch network module in the same system. An optional power module can also be added to provide inline power for IP telephones.

Can you post a sanitized copy of your config here in a text file and we'll assist you further? Let us know.
The ESW card is a switch module.  Unconfigured, it is completely independent to the onboard ethernet modules.  The usual practice is to configure a layer 3 'vlan interface' for the ESW.  This allows the router to 'route' traffic to and from the ports on the ESW.
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Matt VAuthor Commented:
I don't have access to the config right now, but the fas0/0 is the LAN port, I use a WIC for DSL, so there are no firewall filters on the fas0/0.

The fas0/0/1-4 ports have no config at all, they are just issued the not shutdown command.

I will post the config later tonight when I have access to it.

There are no VLANs setup or anything like that.  Just the LAN and the DSL.  Very vanilla.
Matt VAuthor Commented:
unfragmented:  So essentially, I need to attach the ESW to the router the same way I would any other switch?  There is no implicit connection just from plugging it into the HWIC port?
Matt VAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I will see if I can play with this tonight and let you know how I made out!
Matt VAuthor Commented:
I was not able to get it working with just VLANs, but I did just plug one switch port into a WAN port and get it working that way.  At least I know it is working now.  I will try the VLAN thing again when I have more downtime to play.  Thanks!
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