How to keep a form open after a reboot

I have a .NET Windows form application that is run by the user. When the computer rebooted, the application is shut down. Is there a way for me to keep the application running even if the machine is rebooted?  I want it to run untill it is manually closed by the user
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Your application can add itself to the registry or to the Startup folder so that it starts automatically with Windows when it boots.

An example in VB.NET:

Your application will still CLOSE when the user reboots their machine, but it will start back up again once Windows comes back up.

Your app may need to run with Administrator privileges to make this change in the registry. Typically this kind of configuration is something that is done by the installer, not directly by the application.
Add it to RunOnce registry key at startup and remove it when user closes the application.
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