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Outlook not Loading in Citrix

We get this when try to load Outlook from Citrix PortalWe get this when Locally installed Outlook is configured for the same userWe are accessing outlook through citrix XenApp and are using Citrix profile manager.

The other day we ran out of hard drive space on a partition that holds users home folders and pfs folders. We added space to the partition, but three users have complained that they cannot open outlook from Citrix portal. I am not a lot familiar with how Citrix Profile Manager works. I tried the following. changed effected user's home folder, deleted the .pfs folder. (I made a backup before doing that ofcourse). Created a test user in AD and configured the affected user's settings in its outlook. This worked, but I can't ask the user to change his username.

Can you help me recreate users profiles in a way that there settings are not disturbed?

1 Solution
Citirx can be problematic at times for sure.
I found the below at a Citirx forum.
Someone with a problem similar to yours was able to fix the problem. That fix is at the very end of the page.
There is also a KB article on this error here. In the link there is an option for "Fix it for me".
mobashirmobeenAuthor Commented:
None of the above worked.

The first link suggests to add the user to Power Users group temporarily and then open Outlook. I actually added him to Domain Admins but still did't work.

The second link is applied on locally installed outlook on windows XP, vista or windows 7. The solution cannot be implemented on profiles stored on network and acessed through citrix.
Sekar ChinnakannuSenior EngineerCommented:
are you using streamed version or locally installed in citrix server? try to delete user citrix profile and check.
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Our servers are 2003 so in order to enable the advanced search functionality on Outlook 2010 we had to install Windows Desktop Search 4.0. It ended up being a nightmare (tried to warn management, but you know how that goes). Any way after uninstalling WDS we had the issue you're having. I had to open Outlook on the server itself with an Admin account. After Outlook was opened once as an admin the users were then able to open it through Citrix. Not sure if that will fix your issue but figured I would put it out there.
Vijaya Reddy Pinnapa ReddyCommented:
mobashirmobeenAuthor Commented:
I renamed the existing profile folder. When user logged in again, a new profile was created and Outlook started working. I wanted to avoid doing this because users then complain that all their customizations, settings etc are lost. But had to do it as I could not find any other way to fix the issue.

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