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novell vibe with zimbra mail server and ldap users

Dear Experts

We are looking for an web based application and found novell vibe will suit our requirement but few doubts, listed below

1. Presently we have suse enterprise linux with ldap for user authentication (samba domain controller with ldap backend) i could see their is a provision to use the existing ldap user account to the novell vibe server, but my problem is we have around 200 users in ldap accounts but i would like to procure vibe licence only for 40 management users, if used ldap accounts can still limit with 40 users for vibe. can this be possibe.

2. Is it posssible to integrate novell vibe with zimbra mail server (for example file , milestone, discussion or folder created in vibe server and mail is sent out to the users/team but in our case we are using zimbra mail server, user receiving the mail and if replied this from zimbra webmail or msoutook the same should be updated in the vibe server also, please let me know is this possible.

also can anybody tell me how is this product.
please help .
1 Solution
Vibe is an extremely cool product...so easy to setup and very easy for users to get going with it.   To answer your questions though.

1) LDAP and Vibe hook right together.  In order to only have it available for your 40 mgmt users, I would suggest they be in the same OU (organizational unit container) and that use use the LDAP baseDN as that container.  That way LDAP can't see the rest of your users.  I know this will work if eDirectory is your LDAP source but am not sure about OpenLDAP/Samba domain controller.

2) When you setup or modify Vibe, there is a page for SMTP setup.  On that page you'll put either the IP address or the DNS host of your Zimbra server.  I'm not sure what needs to be done to Zimbra to allow email relay because Vibe will relay through Zimbra.  I set this up with GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA) and it worked perfectly.  When I did my setup, I modified the xml file (vibe_installer.xml is the name I think), found the SMTP section and put the information in.  Then I re-ran the installer/setup and did modify the system and went through.  Vibe put the SMTP into place and after setting up email alerts for the users who wanted them, email would go out very quickly.  There are two great docs at www.novell.com/documentation (Vibe setup and Vibe Advanced Administration).

Hope that helps...

D_wathiAuthor Commented:
Hi, thank you very much for the reply, i was eagerly waiting, thanks once again.

You have said the below
"would suggest they be in the same OU (organizational unit container) and that use use the LDAP baseDN as that container.  That way LDAP can't see the rest of your users.

I have have created every user and put them on a group, for the 40 users of management i have created a group/container as "spusers" and made all 40 management users as a member for this spusers group.

Attached screen shot for your reference, In the VIBE LDAP configuration I can see ,


Base DN


Can you please help me in this. Thanks.

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