Any way to give user priority in booking conference room in Outlook?

We use Exchange Server 2007 SP3 and have a main conference room set up as a room mailbox. The CEO wants to have "top priority" in booking the room, meaning that if another meeting is already scheduled there and he needs to schedule one at the same time, he wants to be able to take priority over the other meeting. He wants the other meeting to be cancelled and the organizer notified and have his meeting be scheduled instead. Is there any way to configure a room mailbox in Exchange to make this possible?
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Adam BrownSr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
The way you want to do it, no, there isn't a way to do that automatically. You can set up the CEO so he has full control access to the room mailbox, though. This would allow him to cancel meetings as necessary, but he would likely need to send an email to the user manually so they know about the cancellation. There isn't away to automatically cancel a meeting if someone else of a higher priority schedules one at the same time.
I agree with comment above.

This is what admin assistants are for. :)
Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Resource scheduling in Exchange Server 2007

You can set a delegate along with Automatic processing so that if required he can manually do the task.

Setting up CEO as delegate and ask him to do this task .... might get very Hot !!

Maybe this will help !!

- Rancy
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

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mauldlouieAuthor Commented:
There are no admin assistants at our company. I made the CEO an owner of the mailbox and told him he would have to manually cancel the other meeting.
Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
I made the CEO an owner of the mailbox and told him he would have to manually cancel the other meeting - WOW :)

- Rancy
Rather than giving the CEO Full access to the mailbox allowing him to cacncel meeting ect ect

Just make him a Deletgate with Editor Rights on the Mailboxe's CalendarThen Choose delegate receives copies of meeting related messages

Doing this will allow the CEO to see all the appointments for calendar as they are being made
He would also then have the option to accept or decline the bookings, and entering his bookings in its place

If the CEO declines the booking at this level, the original organizer will receive a msg stating the Booking has been declined automatically
mauldlouieAuthor Commented:
That would create too much work for him. He would not want to have to approve every meeting in there. I think it's better to just let him have the ability to cancel meetings when needed.
Direct access may be the way to go then....

Unless you have a Terminal Server Enviroment

You could do the following

If he doesnt want to be accepting/declines all the bookings

You can crete a Bookings User in AD with and Exchange Mailbox

Simply call the user Bookings

Once the Account is Created

Open the Meeting Room
Assign Both the CEO and the BOOKINGS user as Delegates with Editor Options
Set the Options to Send Meeitng Related messages to Delegates

Now log on as the bookings account

Open OUtlook
Go to Calendar Options
Set the resource scheduling to auto accept and decline

Then just leave it open and running in Terminal Server, Virtual PC, or unused physical PC

The Booking User will act as the PA, automatically accepting appointment and declineing when appointment conflict

The CEO will get meeting updates for the meeting room

And can decline and accept only when they chose to
mauldlouieAuthor Commented:
Clever solution but that wouldn't last long because the CEO wouldn't want to get e-mails about all the meetings being scheduled. He'd soon ask us to turn that off for him. People really don't like getting any unnecessary e-mails here. :)
mauldlouieAuthor Commented:
While there were other ideas that were very clever, this was the only idea that would be acceptable to the CEO so this is the solution for us.
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