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Able to ping domain but not browse to them

Server: Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (SP1)
We are unable to browse websites from this server, we either get a "The address is not valid" error or "Page cannot be displayed"
We can ping the same domain (i.e. google.ca) properly.

DNS server is currently pointing to the Domain Controller (offsite location), secondary DNS is set to the router/firewall locally in the office. VPN is setup between this office to the offsite location, running perfectly fine.

What we've done so far:
Check for windows updates - all updated
Ran malware/virus scan - no threats/infections
checked host file - ok, no unknown entries

Reboot usually fixes it, but then after a few days, it just comes back to the same issue.
Could this be an issue with server 2008 itself?

Any help would be appreciated.
1 Solution
Is the default gateway correct on the server?
Sarang TinguriaSr EngineerCommented:
If you are able to ping the google that means the DNS is perfect and ICMP is open..

Can you check telnet on Port 80 & 443 to google.ca if it passes ..if not you have to check with your Firewall Guy
Confirm it's not an issue with your web browser by trying a different web browser like Firefox or Google Chrome.

To confirm DNS is working type ping -a <IPAddress>  This should resolve the IP address to the name of the website.

To check if it's a DNS issue run ipconfig /flushdns to clear the DNS entries, then try opening the site again in your web browser.

To check to see if it's a PC issue with communicating with the host via HTTP run - telnet <host name or IPaddress> 80

To confirm it's not an issue with the NIC, uninstall it (add and remove hardware) and reboot, which will automatically reinstall it.

If none of that works/helps then I'd use MSConfig to eliminate other software that is running simultaneously.  If you want to try using MSConfig and are not familiar with it let me know and I can give you directions on how to use it.

If you want more direction with any other part of these suggestions let me know.

Hope that helps,
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andrew_transparentAuthor Commented:
i can telnet just fine to google (80 or 443)
i've tried using firefox and have the same issue.
running ipconfig/flushdns doesnt make any difference
gateway is correct..

I am able to get into the server via RDP so not sure why the server can't get out of the internet..
What is(are) the role(s) of this server?

My bet is that this is a DNS issue with the primary or secondary DNS.  Set your DNS to (or any other free DNS), run ipconfig/flushdns and retest.  If that fixes it then change the DNS to just the the remote server, then retest.  Repeat with the firewall.  Let us know what works and doesn't work.

Additionally testing would be possible by adding entires for the website into your host file and retesting.

I'm fairly certain this issue is with either DNS traffic going over your VPN or DNS going to your firewall.

andrew_transparentAuthor Commented:
It's an application server (for phone system software) and that's it.

tried the following:
primary: (Remote Domain Controller, running DNS)
Result: still no go

primary: (Remote DC)
result: still not working

primary: (firewall)
result: still not working

result: not working

adding the ip address of google.ca in the host file - still not working
Well if you added an entry into the host file and that didn't fix it then it's not a DNS issue.  

Is there anything unique about the setup of this server that differs from other machines?

Has this ever worked properly?

Does this server have a second Nic that you could test with?
andrew_transparentAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delayed response,
This server is just a member server with the DNS pointed to the main server in a different site

I believe this has worked before... I will continue researching and keep you updated.
andrew_transparentAuthor Commented:
after a few reboots and windows update. its working stable now.
andrew_transparentAuthor Commented:
updates. reboot seem to have fixed the problem
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