Windows 7 pro user logged off immediately after login


I have a windows 7 professional x64 with SP1.  It is a workgroup.
We have created multiple login on this computer and 1 of the user "admin" has an issue logging in to the computer especially RDP.  We have this special program called XPUnlimited which turn windows 7 pro as terminal server similar to server type.  When the user log in, it would apply the setting and as soon it starts to load the desktop, it automatically log off.  Other users are fine.  Just this account.  So, I recreate a new windows profile and tried again.  That failed.  Then I checked in the regedit and found the profile list folder with .bak at the end.  I deleted that and then rebooted the computer and tried again.  It failed again.  Then I decided to try logging in locally and no issue.  so this is happening when doing RDP.  I did some research and found similar issue and multiple solution.  But for my case, it is for only one user account.  Some said to update video or NIC driver.  I will do it once the computer is avaiable.  Another is to edit the 'userinit.exe' in regedit.  I will do antivirus and antimalware scan later one as well to confirm no virus, malware or trojan on the system.  I will try to test in safe mode to see if that work or not.  Just weird that 'admin' folder is created and it work locally only issue when doing RDP.

How should I approach this and what to prevent this in the future.

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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If I visit the "XP Unlimited" site I see that when you go to their "Shop" link, all the versions which would run on the Desktop versions of Windows are "Currently not Available". Only versions that run on Server OS's are currently available.

This means to me that M$ have most likely stopped them from selling this kind of software for m$ Desktop OS's, as that probably violates the m$ Eula. To get a real TS running on an m$ Desktop OS usually means that you have to change OS system files, and that is forbidden by the Eula. M$ wants to sell Server OS's if someone needs Terminal Services. On most server OS's this is different. You can probably verify this by asking XP Unlimeted...

Below is a Link which shows you that in order to have multiple users on one OS at the same time, you need a server OS. M$ does have a new product, Windows Multipoint Server 2011, which provides such services for a lower price:

As far as I know there are also hardware appliances available that give you a terminal Server similar usage, something similar to KVM switches, and those would be legally OK as it doesn't change anything within the OS.
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