SBS2003/WSS3 List Errors

Hey Experts, in a bit of a panic here.  A bunch of our lists just randomly seemed to have lost their stylesheets or something.  Calendars are suddenly missing icons and text is huge...and all of the events in the calendar load up a blank page with the event title but no details and no quick launch on the left...

We also have a blog that is displaying correctly but when you try to create a new post you are brought to a similar "blank" page...and another list that displays the AllItems page correctly but when you click on a list item it errors out with an "unknown error"...

Screen shots are attached.  PLEASE HELP!
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Rainer JeschorConnect With a Mentor Commented:

two steps:
1. Identify "Unexpected Error"
Please go to the SharePoint ULS Log and review the latest log file, perhaps you may just re-run the necessary steps to create the error.
The logs are located here (in an ootb installation):
C:\Program Files\common files\Microsoft Shared\Web server extension\12\logs
Please attach all the lines containing the error message.

2. Missing files
You may use either Firefox with Firebug Add-on, IE developer tools (IE 9 -> F12) or Fiddler 2  ( to trace the communication between your browser and the server. There you can see all the requests for all the files and their return status (e.g. 404 not found or 401 not authorized ...)
With that you may track down if either the path is not correct or if the files have been deleted on the server or attach a screenshot of the net trace.

Thanks and HTH

BTW: Please attach screenshots as PNGs  or JPGs - e.g. open mspaint and insert the screenshot there, saving as JPG or PNG file, this will reduce download time and also resources on EE
nikaotechAuthor Commented:
Hi Rainer, boy am I glad you answered!  I did as you said and attached are two screen shots as well as a big chunk of the uls log file.  It's full of errors...I have no idea what happened...
Rainer JeschorCommented:
could you try to:
a. Open a command prompt
b. Enter: cd "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\Resources"
c. Copy and enter the following commands
copy avm.resx avm.en-US.resx
copy compproc.resx compproc.en-US.resx
copy ep.resx ep.en-US.resx
copy er.resx er.en-US.resx
copy hlpdsk.resx hlpdsk.en-US.resx
copy itteam.resx itteam.en-US.resx
copy proj.resx proj.en-US.resx
copy pws.resx pws.en-US.resx
copy rer.resx rer.en-US.resx
copy tsa.resx tsa.en-US.resx

Open in new window

Test again.

Free Tool: SSL Checker

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nikaotechAuthor Commented:
Ok I did that.  Each line was returned by "Copied 1 file".  Went back to the site and everything is still exactly as it was.  I then restarted IIS just in case...same thing,.  What do you think?
Rainer JeschorCommented:
OK, but at least the ULS log should be cleaned up now.

Can you rerun the above mentioned process to re-cause the error:
"... another list that displays the AllItems page correctly but when you click on a list item it errors out with an "unknown error"..
And have afterwards (about 1 minute later) again a look in the log?

From the fiddler trace, it looks OK. There is a 401 for each file (IE tries to get it without authentication) and afterwards a 200 (now with authentication) for most files - 304 means it is loaded from your browser cache.

nikaotechAuthor Commented:
Check out this trace log...basically says none of the missing toolbars and images exist...
nikaotechAuthor Commented:
Figured it out...there was a third party (.wsp) solution deployed several months ago that affects display settings.  That solution in Central Admin/Operations/Solution Mgmt had a status of "Error".  Once I removed and reloaded it everything came back.  Thanks a ton for the follow-ups.  Your troubleshooting help on log files got me there...
nikaotechAuthor Commented:
The fiddler app is great, pointed me in the right direction as far as what was actually missing, and from there I just followed the trail.  Thanks!
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