Printing Custom forms in Outlook 2010

I am unable to print custom forms in Outlook 2010 as they appear on the screen. In Outlook 2003, xPrint worked fine for printing the forms (WYSIWYG).  I can print using Alt+Print Scrn, but that will only work if the form doesn't need to be scrolled down.

If there a way to get this to print.  I know I will probably have to recreate the forms that were originally created in Outlook 2003.  But is there any VB code that is needed or something else.  I have found on the web through google about someone using VB to take the form from Outlook and put it into Word and then print it that way.  But all I find is for MS Office 2003, not 2010.
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Jamie McKillopConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:

xPrint will work with Outlook 2010. It will not work on a 64bit system. If your systems are 32bit, you probably need to adjust the Outlook security settings to allow the ActiveX control to run. This article has the details on how to do that -

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