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Compress MOV files

Perhaps this is an unreasonable expectation, but my goal is to compress 11.0 GB in .MOV files to fit them on a single-layer blank DVD while retaining decent quailty using freeware. The video is outdoors, derived from a guy with a helmet cam up high in the redwoods as a group of people zip line from tree to tree. The actual zip line action is relatively fast, but a lot of the video is fairly idle.

So I need recommendations on codec/file format and freeware ideally, if not, low-cost-ware.
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I would suggest handbrake


Free and fairly simple to use.

Will make some screen shots for your assistance. Be right back.
I should also add, you will need http://www.imgburn.com/
Be sure to set "Keep Aspect Ratio". Then change the width to 720, however if the height is over 480 at this point, then continue and change the height to 480. i.e. width can be under 720 but not over and height can be under 480 but not over.

If Anamorphic settings appear (they uselessly only appear when coping a dvd), be sure to set anamorphic to none and I would leave cropping on automatic.

Set Decomb to default. This will clean any interlacing in the video.

Use video codec h.264 and framerate same as source.

Set target size to 4 GB or 4000 MB (I know DVDs are higher, but I have had errors before because the file size was to high)

Because your video is most likely stereo then you only need to consider samplerate set to 48 and biterate set to 256.

This will convert your video down to DVD specs.

Now to ImgBurn

create image 1
You need to create a DVD image before you can burn it to disc. Pick create image file from files/folders

Create image 2
Pick your file and set the destination for your output. Then build.

Write Image 1
Now choose Write image file to disc

write image 2
Pick source and the destination dvd/r. Then write.

Hope the helps!
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Made correction to target size. Changed to 4000 MB.
Okay, I've made an error in the directions. Working out kinks right now.
Sorry for the confusion. I usually use DVD Architect or Power Director to make my DVDs.

I can't correct the first post, So, I'll begin again here and again sorry.

Download 2 Programs.

DVD Flick here.

ImgBurn here.

DVD flick will create the DVD image and ImgBurn will burn the DVD.

*if your video is rejected by DVD Flick. Then convert it with Handbrake as discussed in the first post.

 DVD Flick
Add title, (to your far right) which would be your .mov (or converted video from Handbrake), then at the bottom set the destination folder. Then create DVD.

DVD Flick will now encode your video into MPG2 and create the appropriate folders for the DVD. An "Audio_TS" and a "Video_TS" folder. Both are needed to create the DVD.

When DVD Flick is finished, Open ImgBurn.

Write files/folder to disc
Now choose "Write files/folders to disc"

 Burning folders
Now on the top middle/left, add folders. You'll need to add the "Audio_TS" & "Video_TS" folders separately. I know the audio folder is empty, but most DVD players still require it in the DVD directory for the DVD to play.

To save time, I would suggest unchecking verify.

Place a DVD in your drive and then at the bottom press the file to disc button (Build).

DVD will burn and be ready for use when complete. Again. Sorry for the misdirection.
Just an added note. In your post you mentioned several mov files. If DVD flick is not accepting them, you can convert them in handbrake but instead of using the target output of 4000 mb, use the constant quality set on 18. This will essentially make a duplicate copy quality wise. Also check the large file box that is just below the destination path. This will make a file that DVD Flick can read.

If you have several files to convert, just use handbrakes "Add to Queue" button right beside the start button. While the first file is converting, just use the source "video file", make sure all the tabs are completed as suggested in my first post, with the exception of the change to constant quality, then use the "Add to Queue" button and repeat with next file.

You should now be able to add all your files to DVD Flick and create one DVD image.

Also, All this time I've been assuming your video ratio is 1920 by 1080. Is this true?
Hi K_Deutsch, there is also windows Live Moviemaker free with windows 7.
all you do, drop your very big movie on ( wait until all the thumbnails have populated) then go to File Save Movie for computer
it will convert it MP4 no quality loss,
because it converts the .MOV which uses a very high compression in both video and audio, note
audio quality really adds size.
This may reduce the size enough to burn to DVD.
 we'll see.
Windows Live Moviemaker also burns to DVD did you know?
Nice menus too.
The things is once the MP4 is burnt to DVD it is once again rendered to mpeg2 ( vobs) DVD compliant format.
It also sets the default video scale recommended for DVD.
But one step at a time.

PhoenixUnlimited has posted a fantastic effort however I'll add this incase your experience level is not great and you feel daunted by the above, you do have other options.
Windows Live Moviemaker can also split the video.
I can show you how.
If you were to split the video into three segments, you can still drop these 3 parts into your DVD authoring software and they will merge as one on the DVD.
You can even use them as chapters so that when you open the DVD set them on the main menue as chapters.
I'll wait for your thoughts on everything.
To illustrate,
 I have used a small .mov in WLMM and show you the difference in the size output.
ok movie loaded already and now just click save for computer
movie loaded and just click save for computerGive it name, as you see it is high definition mp4
Give it name, as you see it is high definition WMVthe output size has reduced considerably when compared
58 megs to 9 megs
the output size has reduced considerablyRegards Merete
Is it working out for you?  If there are any issues that require further explanation, we are here to help.
K_DeutschAuthor Commented:
I was well in to Phoenix's method once Merete chimed in. However, I did do a test using Merete and think I will rely on that in the future. Thanks!
Thank you for the grade considering what a mess my explanation turned out to be.
Choices are good.
I was a little concerned how WLMM would handle such a large file but then again I have dropped a full vob on with no worries.
Just wait till the thumbnails have populated
Once converted reduced/split etc
Close WLMM re-open and drop your new video on and go to file  save movie>Burn a DVD follow the steps
it will create a temp file again which can be deleted later
You know where to come if you need help there :)
Glad to help out K_Deutsch
regards Merete
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