Outlook 2010 reports cert expired when it's not

Our Outlook 2010, users running Windows XP, are getting prompted to accept an expired owa certificate.  The certificate in question is "owa" and this certificate doesn't expire until 9/9/12.  Users of Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 are not getting this error prompt.

Any ideas why this is happening?
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Jon BrelieConnect With a Mentor System ArchitectCommented:
Is that the only cert with that name installed?  No self-generated cert or anything?

Did you ever manually install certs on the client systems in the past?  Have you actually viewed the certificate from the client side to confirm that it is the same cert?
malcattAuthor Commented:
no, that cert called 'owa' is used on all 4 of our CAS servers.

We have never had to install certs on the client systems.  I did view the cert from the client side to confirm it was the owa cert from that specific server.
Jon BrelieSystem ArchitectCommented:
Did you check the time and date on the affected systems?
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