Unable to RDP to terminal sessions

We have a user who is unable to RDP to any terminal address.

Error message is:

1. Remote access to the server is not enabled
2. The remote computer is turned off
3. The remote computer is not available on the network

We have tested with users credentials at another computer and can log in.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.
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Check your version of the RDP client and update to the latest, verify services are running, disable firewall on the local machine and verify that your anti-virus client isn't preventing connections with a software firewall , etc.
What is the method of RDP?  Is this user connecting to another machine locally or via a VPN.

Often, if UAC is enabled, or the obvious Firewall issues, you will not be able to RDP.

Please comment on the version of Windows and the network enviorment.


Just as the message states, you have a simple network connectivity issue of trying to RDP to your target machine. That error you provided appears before the authentication prompt, so you need to check the basics, network firewall, local firewall, RDP port, have you enabled RDP on the local machine, etc?
can anyone else remote from that machine?  if not, perhaps the RDP service(s) are not started.  

check for static IP routes.  to view the routing table, go to CMD and type [route print]

ipconfig /flushdns in case there's some bad IPs in memory.  


as a very last resort, can you reimage this computer?  it's drastic, but if there's a messed up service or a DLL that wants to ruin your life, a reimage may be easier to deal with.
oh, and silly question--but do you have network connectivity on this machine?  can you ping that target machine...or any network machines?  if not, there's your answer.
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