Organizing Microsoft Deployment Toolkit folders

I want to stay organized. At what level in the hierarchy in MDT 2012 Workbench environment should I create folders for:

1) The various O/S we'll deploy (Win7x86, Win7x64, WinXPx86, WinXPx64), or is it ok to just import all O/S's into the root of the Operating Systems folder under the Deployment Share?

2) The various models of computers we deal with (Dell Latitude, Optiplex, etc.)

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James HaywoodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use the same deployment share for all OS. When you boot into MDT from the client computer you will see the folder structure and be able to select the relevant OS from both the parent and child folders. MDT scans the whole folder structure, creation of sub folders is just to make life easier/neater for us sysadmins :)
James HaywoodCommented:
All OS can go into the same folder but you can create sub-folders if necessary, its up to you.

When you say various models which section do you mean? There is the MDT database which holds this data or you can create sub folders within the Drivers section.
WineGeekAuthor Commented:
Subfolders under the Drivers section is what I'm working with right now. But I think I've realized how I need to organize the Drivers section now to handle the various models of computers we have.

I'm now more focused on figuring out how to organize the various O/S's we'll be deploying in MDT. For example: do I need a separate Deployment Share for Windows 7 x32, and one for Windows 7 x64, and another for Windows XP x32, and so on? Or can I dump all O/S's into a single Deployment Share by creating subfolders under the O/S section?

And, if I do create those subfolders for the different O/S's, then as what point in this whole deployment process am I able to offer options or menu selections of some sort to allow the technician to choose which operating system he wants to install onto a computer? Thanks.
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