How to specify dataset scope in business intelligence studio

I have a report that has multiple datasets and does not have a table or matrix container.  Is there a way to specify scope for an expression so that I can use fields from one of the datasets?
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Not exactly sure what you mean by 'scope' but here are some thoughts:

I believe inorder to add an expression that would read a field from a dataset you need to have a data region (table, matrix, textbox, etc) defined.

try this:
1) add textbox
2) right-click textbox and add expression
3) Add lookup value for expression picking a dataset
     for example,  =First(Fields!customer_name.Value, "AllCustomersDataSet")

The expression formula needs to be an aggregate function since resultset *could* return more than 1 row. If you need to define a smaller scope to filter the dataset, then you could create another dataset and modify the Query so that it returns the scope needed.

For example, Add dataset = 'SelectedCustomer'
Query= Select customer_name From CustomerTable where customer_name = @Customer

@Customer is a Parameter field that would be set after the user selects a customer. The expression would use SelectedCustomer dataset and First() function would return only return the selected customer.
kpbaremAuthor Commented:
Thank you this was well put.  I'm not entirely sure I understood the functionality before.
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