Cisco Catalyst 6509 and 4570 Link Aggregation with Fiber modules

I recently purchased a cisco 6509 with a SUP2-2GE and a 4507R with a SUP IV engine. My 6509 has a Gigabit 8 port fiber card and my 4507 has a Gigabit 6 port fiber card. Can I do link Aggregation using the 6 fiber ports on the 4507 connected to 6 of the 8 on the 6509 to make a 6 gig backbone between the 2.
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unfragmentedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can do 2, 4 or 8 port etherchannels.  Anything else may work, but is not a recommended design.  

Be aware that non-fabric Cat6k has a 32G bus backplane, and the Cat 4k/Sup4 has a 6Gb/s per slot.  So factor those limitations in before you make any final decisions.  Depending on the cards, there may be further limitations due to the ASIC used for the port.  So ensure you know what the limitations are over the complete system before you make your final decision.
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