Outlook 2007 - multiple pst files with password

I have four pst files in my outlook with one current, which is default
and three old ones. All are password protected. With the Outlook 2007 version, every time I open Outlook, it prompts me for password four times - once for each pst file, which is kind of
annoying. Is there a fix for this problem? Thanks in advance.
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Install this hotfix and run fixit

Or might cause by  search indexer because As soon as you open Outlook, the search indexer will look connected pst-files so it will also try to access the password protected pst-files.

try to exclude a pst file from indexed
Outlook 2007  go to Tools-> Options-> Search Option-> check list : Index messages in these data files
If you just want to remove the password, then the most simple way is to do as follows:

1. Create a new PST file without a password.

2. Copy the contents of the old PST file to the new one.

3. Backup the old PST file.

4. Replace the old PST file with the new one.

Repeat the steps for all 4 PST files. Then you will need not to input password any more.
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