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I have an admin on Outlook 2010 that is unable to create meetings on 9 users calendars (mix of Outlook 2003 / 2010) that she has Editor permissions on. She manages around a total of 20 Directors / VP's calendars.

- I have reset permissions from the server side (Exchange 2010) as well as had the clients re-share their calendars with no success.

- I have verified that permissions are the same on calendars that she CAN create items on and calendars that she CANNOT create items on.

- Verified this is happening in both Online and Cached Mode

- Mini Roam profile was re-created and machine was reimaged (new Windows local and mail profiles).

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Use the following cmdlet and verify if the permissions are set on the server-mailbox side

Get-mailboxFolderPermissions "VIPEmailAddress:\Calendar" | FL

Verify if the affected user is listed here or not.

Also, verify if the same issue happens in webmail - by opening the shared calendar on it.

Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2003 have issues with each other. Perhaps you should consider upgrading the 2003 machines to 2010.  
Check to see if the problems are between 2003 and 2010 and go from there...
Remove the "s" at the end of Permissions in the above cmdlet.

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Might check that this admin hasd not been added as a delegate or is not a member of a group that may have lesser permissions as a delegate in these Directors/VPs Outlook Delegate Settings

Same apply for the exchange permissions
The user may be added individually
However, check that there are no groups added with restricted access to the claendars that this admin may be a member of
pronetsolAuthor Commented:
Thanks all... Permissions looked okay. The only common denominator I could see was that all the users she was experiencing issues with were on the same server. I have moved the 9 users to a different server and tested successfully. A workaround for now until I can figure out what is going on with this server.

Thanks for your help!
I also have this issue... I have not found a fix yet
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