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application starting very slowly

I am running windows 7, and everything on the computer runs good, except there's new application that was installed, and it takes over 1 minute to start up.

There's 5 other PCs where this applicaiton is installed and it runs fine for them, it starts within 5 to 10 seconds.

So the vender is saying that there's a problem with the computer, since the other PC's work fine.  
My network settins are at auto, as I tried 100mb full duplex, but that caused the nic to not work, as my swithces are on auto.

I tried process explorer by sysinternals, and the application starts, and it doesn't look like another application is shutting down the process.  I also tried tcpview and i see it making the connection, it's just dead slow starting up.

I also disabled all the non-microsoft services and removed everything from startup on msconfig, but it's still very slow starting.  

Any other suggestions that I can try to see why this application is extremly slow on this computer?  

By the way, all 6 computers are exactly the same, same hardware, so that's what is puzzeling me.

The application is on the server, so the user has a shortcut on their computer and the application is run from the server.
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3 Solutions
Does the client have many printers available and some of them are unreachable? I worked with a software time ago that checked (all) printer status at startup. It took time to be running because there were many "dead" printers and the software would timeout each printer only after a (too long) number of seconds. Let me know.
SandeepSr System AdministratorCommented:
Have you tried to change the User and it worked? If user changed and it worked it is to do with the User's Profile to cause such slowness. You have to rename the profile in such case from C:\Users

Also there is a possibility that few of the services are not in started state on this machine? Try to get those services rolling.

Also Windows Update is at same level on all these machine? Thre could be few patches missing also cause this issue.

Also a disk space issue could be a reason

Also if system needs Adobe or Java to load while program runs check you have the latest version installed.
afactsAuthor Commented:
Printers are fine, all are connected, no issues.

I tried a different admin account, same problem.  

What services should I look at, as there s a lot of services to look at?

The program does not use java or flash.
The program runs on the server, not on the local pc.

There's plenty of space on the drive, about 163gb free space.

I even turned off the windows firewall and gave the user full admin acces, and still does not work.
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afactsAuthor Commented:
Well, I kind of found out the problem, not sure how to fix if.

I tried to copy a file from the network to this PC, and the speed is around 230kb/sec.
Should be much faster.  All pc's are on a 100mbit connection, internal LAN.
afactsAuthor Commented:
Another pc transferred the same data at 10mb /sec.
afactsAuthor Commented:
i figured out the problem, it was the siemens VoIP phone.  So the network goes to the phone, and then the phone plugs into the PC.
When eliminating the phone, it worked fine, so I replaced the phone and it works fine now.

Thanks guys for the different ideas.
afactsAuthor Commented:
I resolved the problem myself.

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