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Outlook 2010 - Print Preview showing red crosses

hi all

we have a strange problem happening at work where a user has received a external email.

select Print
and in the print preview pane, the email does not show any of the images that are embedded...we can only see red crosses. (see image)

print preview showing red crosses
the email shows up correctly in the regular reading pane.
we have just migrated this user onto windows 7 64 bit from XP
office 32bit

if the user forwards the email to me and i do a print preview from my pc, everything works ok.

i have added the sender to the safe sender list and security looks to be setup correctly for downloading images as everything is enabled but its still not showing those images in the print preview pane.

any ideas what could be going on?
please let me know if you need any more information.

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1 Solution
Check that SP1 is installed

Then close outlook and reopen using

Start>Run>Outlook.exe /safe

Now try the print preview

If you can see the print preview, its likely and addin causing the issue

If we can confirm its an add in issue

Close Outlook and we can then go to the registry


Note all the curren addin and their load behavior

Then set them all to 0

Now open outlook and test.
The print preview should still work

Close outlook, go back to registry
and re-enstate one of the add-ins
Go back and test outlook

Continue this process until you find the faulting add in

You can then choose to uninstall the add in, re-install it, or look to the vendor for an update
BakerSydAuthor Commented:
thanks for the reply but unfortunately your solution did not work...

SP1 is installed.
i tried /safe and it still didnt work

i tried disabling all the addins just to see if that might be the problem but even with all addins disabled, print preview still wasnt showing the images...just red crosses

im suspecting a security / trust issue somewhere thats effecting outlook 2010 with some external emails..maybe firewall settings?

i forgot to mention that not all external emails are having this issue...at the moment we only have 1 external domain thats causing this.

thanks for your help so far
hrm wondering if it might be the secure temp folder then

What does it mean to be "Always On"?

Is your cloud always on? With an Always On cloud you won't have to worry about downtime for maintenance or software application code updates, ensuring that your bottom line isn't affected.

BakerSydAuthor Commented:
yeah i tried that as well..seen that page as well :)

the red crosses show up even on a brand new win 7 image.
going to the "shell:cache" option that takes to the temp location there are some folders there...
i deleted them and tried again but no good

this is a tough one....i cant find anything online that says others have experienced the same issue
A bit strange

Does this happen on all emails with embeded images or just some?

These emails being printed, are they in the inbox or in another folder in the mailbox

also What version of IE is installed? Is this the same version that on the PCs that works
BakerSydAuthor Commented:
at the moment it seems to be only happening from 1 domain, a travel agency called traveledge

so far its only with emails from them.

the email we are testing is sitting in a personal folder which is outside the mailbox.

its IE9
and yes all pcs that we have tested on have IE9

Ive seen something very similar here with a travel agent

It turned out to be the antivirus/antimalware/Spyware installed on the PC was interfearing with the emails from the specific travel agency

To test we actaully uninstalled the security software
( IN this case user had Windows Defender/AVG/and PC Cillin)

Then had the travel agency resend the email, and it came through fine

Once we narrowed it down to the security software we cvhanged it to Eset NOD32 where it allows the user to turn off all Outlook Integration from within the Nod Settings
BakerSydAuthor Commented:
damn security programs

ok well we have

Trend Micro Office scan
Windows Defender is turned off
and windows firewall is enabled (group policy stops me from disabling it)

ill see if i can uninstall the antivirus first then check the email...see what it does..

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