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Single mode and multi-mode compatibility to Cisco catalyst 6513 core switch

Hi All,

I need some clarification on fibre optic networking, below is the equipment I'm purchasing - I need to know if the top of rack switch can talk back to the core switch and what type of fibre will I need.

- Cisco MDS 9148 (top of rack switch)
- Dell PowerEdge R720's
- EMC VNX5300

All the above are talking to each other via LC multi-mode fibre, the core switch which is a Cisco Catalyst 6513 talks to all distrobution switches via single mode fibre. can i use multi-mode from the top of rack switch to the core?
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Joel ArmstrongNetwork AdministratorCommented:
If you are using a GBIC module in the 6513 and the top rack switch that supports multimode fiber then yes.  It looks like the 9148 use sfp modules.  If you have module in the 6513 that takes sfp modules just purchase the correct ones that support multimode.  If you are using speeds 1gigabit or greater I recommend single mode fiber.

GLC-SX-MM is an sfp 1gbs module for multimode fiber.  You will need a fiber jumper that has and LC connector and the modules have to be compatible with the wavelength and type of fiber.


The MDS is a fiber channel switch.  It talks Fiber Channel for connecting storage networks (SAN) together - its not Ethernet.

The Cat 6513 is an Ethernet Switch.  There are no Fiber Channel cards for the Cat 6500.

Unless I've misunderstood your environment, you are trying to connect devices that are not meant to be connected.
Joel ArmstrongNetwork AdministratorCommented:
That's right.  I did not look up the MDS.  I was thinking it was an ethernet switch.   I don't believe it will talk the 6500.

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