BESX update to 5.0.2 fails at start service - cannot update settings BAS

trying to apply 5.0.2 BESX update. fails at "Start Services" with message: "The setup application cannot update the settings for the Blackberry Attachment Service and will close". Now I cannot access server configuration service until setup.exe completes.
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Stelian StanConnect With a Mentor Network AdministratorCommented:
Using BES account I think you have to reinstall BES.
Mike SullivanDirectorCommented:

Which account are you logged in using? Is it the BESADMIN account or the global Administrator?

Is your Attachment Service on this server or an alternate server?

SNCSDAuthor Commented:
After playing email tennis with RIM support, it kept coming back to REINSTALL. It did fix it. but had to reinstall with the most recent version. reinstalling with same older version failed.
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