difference between Server Load and Load Throttling Load

What is the difference between Server Load and Load Throttling  Load in XenAPp 6.5 with Hotfix Roll Up 1

When i run Qfarm for some servers it shows Server Load = 500 and Load Throttling Load = 5000
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Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
When a new server joins the farm (or a server is brought up to join the production farm) at peak times load balancing algorithm will revert all the new user connections to the new server as it is the least loaded. These connections will overwhelm the new server hindering it from reporting the 'real' load to the farm.

Load Throttling uses intelligent Load Bias (iLB) to give a bias number to the server which will control the number of simultaneous connections. This will allow the server to gradually grow the number of connections to it while still being able to report the true server load. I believe the latter would be the server load value, while the load throttling load would be the value of the load throttling bias.
Server load is actual load of the server at the period of time. Server load of 500 says it is less loaded, 5% of load. If the server load is heavy, it may report in 9XXXX. Load throttling of 5000 may occur as soon as the server is rebooted and which came up just online. In order to prevent new connections hitting the server at the same time, load throttling virtually adds half of the load to accept only few connections. Once the server is completely up and after sometime , the values will get reduced to allow more connections.
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