logmein user cant connect

I have a user that I cant seem to get to login to the actual computers.  they can log into logmein but maybe because they are using a limited account, (not admin) they cant login.  I have another user that only has a limited windows user name and pw and they can login though

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What you need to do is setup each computer under the username and pass that the user who wants to access the computer has.  You login to that computer and then click allow or something, it's been a while since I have used it.  But I know THAT user needs to go to each computer he wants to use and set up his username under the account just to have access to it.  You can only do it remotely once you have set up your username under that computer.  That explains why the user with limited access has it but he doesn't.
matteogalloAuthor Commented:
sorry If i didnt explain it well, both users (logmein users) have the same windows user name and pw
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