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This is totally new to me.

Im hiring a freelance IOS and Android developer to develop mobile apps.
Im a php developer and I work with SQL and PHP only .
All the websites I build are dynamic with a custom built CMS.

my functions look like this:

# copy right notice
function get_copy(){
	$strSQL="SELECT * FROM lead_main WHERE main_id=1";
			echo $row->main_copyright;

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The developer asked me for APIs to get info from the DB that the client fills through the Sites CMS so he can feed the app.

Whats an API?
Will it work with my function structure?
An example how to turn this simple function into an API would be grand.

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well a good place to start would be here

oversimplified in the end think of a long get parameter  that you will expect before you show or get any data .
i hope that helped
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