Outlook 2003 numerbs in contacts with "name tag"


a customer wants to put names in the phone / fax / mobil numbers fields additional to the number in contacts within Outlook 2003.

When you put for example > John Miller: 056654-54654 < in the mobile field and you save and close the contact, Outlook formats it to +01 (654) 056654-54654.

Some old contacts have names in the numbers field and work well.

Is there somewhere an option in Oulook 2003 to disable the auto correct function on numbers?

Thanks for your help!

Please don't give me answers with work arounds, like creating for every person a singel contcts file - I have allready discuss this with the customer.
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gfilipeConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If this is a Windows XP (I assume so, based on Outlook version posted). This can be solved by going to: Control Panel > Phone and Modem Options.
In "My Location" separator change the area code to something really long "xxxxxxxx".

It will then leave your Outlook contacts' phone numbers exactly the way you type them.

duxtalparum1Author Commented:
Hi GFilipe,

thanks for your quick respond!

It's Windows 7 Pro. But I'll give it a try, and let you know.

By the way, TAPI is used and the costumer says the TAPI works with names in the numbers fields. I don't think so, but give it a try next week, when I am there again.

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