Lost connection on HP ProCurve Switch with MAC Parallels


I am fighting with a little challenge. In my network are several users working with MAC OSX clients. Users with Parallels Desktop installed often lose their network connection. On the HP ProCurve Switch there is a message: "lost connection to multiple devices on port xxx".

Are there any optimization possibilities on the switch or on the Parallels Desktop side?

Any hints are welcome.

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ITSGMBHConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
there were no more errors and disconnects afer a Firmware update of the procurve Switch.
TimotiStDatacenter TechnicianCommented:
You'll get this message when the Procurve thinks it was a switch-to-switch link that went down (because it learned more than one MAC on that port, it assumes it's connected to a switch, not an end-station).
Make sure you don't experience similar problems on ports without Parallels clients (just without the logs), so we know for sure the problem is caused by Parallels.
Also, what are your fault-finder settings?

ITSGMBHAuthor Commented:
solved by myself
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