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This is a new Acer laptop which came with the usual trial version of MS Office 2010. The only Office product we use is Outlook 2003, which we already own. I think I made the mistake of  installing that, and then uninstalling the trial version.

Whenever I open Outlook 2003 now, if gives the error:

"The program can't start because BCSRuntime.Dll is missing from your computer."

I googled the above message and found several articles which said that I should remove Business productivity Services from my Office 2010 installation. But I have unstalled the entire package. So I cannot do this.

In Outlook 2003 I can find no reference to Business Connectivity Services. So how do I fix this?
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btetlow-expertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can do a SEARCH (FIND) in registry for the offending DLL, and then decide from there if you'll need to perhaps just remove the registry entry, or if you need to locate the file on another working system and install it where it's expected to be found to make it stop complaining.

Clearly there is something left in your system that's looking for that DLL file.

I've had various issues using ANY trial from MS where there was an existing "working" lower version of the same product....
Try this:

In the registry go to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins and rename or delete the key 'BCSAddin.Connect'. This disables the 'Business Connectivity Services' of Office 2010.
NS BaumsteigerPrincipalCommented:
Hi TownTalk,

I recently had a client who hates change. I twisted his arm to move to Windows 7, but he demanded to stay on Office 2003 Professional. I ran into this same issue. Below is the resolution, BUT I highly recommend upgrading to Office 2010 because it plays much nicer with Windows 7 than Office 2003. The issue that you are experiencing is the first of many issues that my client experienced before I was able to convince him to move to Office 2010 (full uninstallation of 2003 is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). After the switch, all of the Office-related problems disappeared.

Here is the best solution to your immediate issue. Thank you SubSonicFlyer at MS Technet:
"I resolved this issue by removing the "Business Connectivity Services" from my Office 2010 installation.   Go to Control Panel, Programs and Features, Office 2010 and select "change" at the top of the box.  Look under "Office Shared Features" and there is an entry for "Business Connectivity Services" that you can uncheck.  Now I can run my Outlook 2003 with my Office 2010 (Word and Excel only) without the nuisance message!"
TownTalkAuthor Commented:
@NSBConsulting: As I said in my original post, I already removed Office 2010 completely. There is nothing in Program and Features that relates to any of this.

@The_Kirschi: That key does not exist. I only have these keys:

TownTalkAuthor Commented:
@btetlow-expert: Yes that's fixed it,

Thanks everybody for your input.
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