HP laptop, Windows 7 64-bit, create Recovery Set

Hello Experts,
Working for a business; application software is good for the entire site.
Bought (3) identical HP laptops, Windows 7 64-bit.
First laptop, made (1) set of recovery disks, and after getting the laptop set up the way I needed it, also created an image backup.
Second and third laptop, restored from the image backup of laptop one to save time.
Now I want to make a set of recovery disks for the second and third laptops so that each one has its own set.
But both the second and third laptops tell me that I cannot make a Recovery set because I have already made a set and only one is allowed.
I have not made the Recovery set from the second and third laptop, I would guess that it thinks I have because I restored them from the image backup of laptop one (and I did make a set of Recovery disks from it).
How can I make a Recovery set for each of laptop two and three?
Please advise
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Second and third laptop, restored from the image backup of laptop one to save time. ~ TECHDLS

That's the key.  I'm afraid that there are pros & cons to "saving time."  Is it safe to assume that you didn't run Sysprep on the other two machines?  If you have a Volume License Key, you can still do so.

That being said, the second and third machines are essentially identical to the first one.  As the previous post suggested, you should simply copy the first set of recovery disks and they will work just fine.
MikeIT ManagerCommented:
i dont believe you can.  IMO just take the recovery set you made off laptop 1, create ISOs and then burn new recovery sets.
TECHDLSAuthor Commented:
Ok, that was my second question.  Can I copy the first Recovery set?  Please explain what you mean by "create ISOs".  thx
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You should be able to utilize any one of the prominent disc burning applications like Nero or the freeware ImgBurn to copy the discs.

Just FYI, an ISO file is actually an image of an optical disc that can be archived and kept available to burn additional copies of that physical disc.  Most disc burning applications feature the ability to create an ISO image file, also.
TECHDLSAuthor Commented:
So, just clarifying: the recovery disks cannot be simply copied to other disks; you must make an ISO image of each disk?
No, it isn't necessary to make an ISO image of each disc.  That is simply a nice option to have available.  You should be able to copy the discs directly.
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