Windows 2012 Server Hyper-V Partitions

This is my first time setting up a virtual enviorment and have a few questions.

I am going to start out with Windows Server 2012 Standard
Dell PowerEdge 720xd
56GB Ram
C:\Drive = 1.1TB Total in Raid 10 (no other drives or partitions)
Going to have 4 VMs (DC, File Server, Print Server, Time Clock Server)
Small company 50 computers total

Should i shrink the C:\drive down to lets say 100GB and use the rest for a D:\drive. Then put all my VMs on the D:\drive? They are just VHDX files correct.

Do i need a seperate partition for each VM "VHDX File"? If so i dont think i could even do that because i would need a total of 5 partitions and can only do 4 correct.

What is the best practice for this. I dont want to guess my way through it and be wrong or too slow.

Thanks for any help.
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
just a note, Standard may only support a maximum of 32GB RAM.

I would be split the array into two virtual disks, OS and Data (VMs). Using RAID Controller BIOS.

The install your OS into C: (first virtual disk - Dell speak for first raid array - logical disk)

Create your VMs on the second virtual disk.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
No, in 2012, the RAM limit is 4TB. There is no functional difference in Server 2012 between Standard and Data Center editions; the limit is in the number of VM instances you are granted (Standard = 2, Data Center = Unlimited).

I would definitely shrink the C: drive to 100 GB (or so).  You want the VHDX files on a separate partition.  Separate spindles would be even better.
AnthonyJKAuthor Commented:
Thanks and sorry for the late response. I have been gone.

I was hoping for an easier way but looks like i am going to have to the delete the current controller virtual drive and then make two of them. Right now the current VD takes up all HD space and wont let me resize or shrink. Is there an easier way without having to wipe it out?

Thanks again.
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